We can’t always estimate the quantity of foods that we cook specially if we intend to have dinner with friends, so, most of the time we have plenty of leftovers to think about. I hate wasting food, this is why I ask friends to take some with them if I went overboard cooking. But not all of my gals would take some with them, and I am always left to deal with the excess goodies. Over the years, I have learned to recycle my excess foods and maintain their quality. I am no expert though, I just listen to friends as we talk about the lefties as we like to call it. Here are some ways of recycling that had proven effective for the longest time.


Roast pork, turkey, chicken, and beef make good sandwiches, when you do not mix your salad with the dressing, you can always put them in, makes a healthy no waste wiches.


Family all time favorite! My late husband used to say that cottage pies are not only the best way to deal with the lefties, but tis also one of the best way to hide your veggies, children will eat them without a fuss. Pork, beef, or lamb, as long as you mince them, throw in some carrots, brussel spouts, and peas in it, top it with mashed potatoes, grate some cheddar or parmesan on top, bake in the oven for 30 minutes, then you’re good to go. Catsup on the side wouldn’t hurt, kiddies love them.


I’ve a friend who likes to cook turkey during Thanksgiving or Christmas and she discovered that stewing leftover turkey with the veggies makes a hearty lunch. Throw everything in the pot, bones included, season with salt and pepper, boil everything for at least 40 minutes, then toast some baguettes, take out some butter, you have a nice meal to eat.


Omelette is one of the greatest recipe man had ever thought of. All sorts of things can be mixed with eggs. When I have leftover cauliflower, broccoli, or cabbage I always make an omelette. Always have a thing for experimenting foods, I mix any lefties with eggs and ending up with a unique breakfast that my children love. I find mixing any veggies with cheese the most effective way to make the fussy ones to eat healthy.


Saving the taste for future use, I make veggies and meat stock for my soup. Put in the freezer, it could hold for days and when I need to make soup, I’ll have some in handy. Sometimes, I just pour some in a cup and sip it like coffee or tea, bread on the side makes a good snack.


Put my stock into good use, mix it with noodles, vermicelli or egg noodles, with a bit of garnish I have an instant snack to give to my children that made them happy. This dish is recommended for mums that has so many things to do and think about. Quick and easy, and yet healthy and tasty!


Since my children love spring rolls anyways, I’ve no problem feeding them with lefties. Chop carrots, cabbages, and spring beans, meat is optional, wrap in egg wrapper, deep fry, strain for excess oil, instant dish in a jiff! Sweet and sour sauce on the side with rice is the best way to serve them.

These are just a few dishes I’ve thought of so far, maybe I’ll add more later. May have to experiment again, but it will be all worth it when I see my children enjoying their meal and there is absolutely no need to throw foods away.



When people accuse you of being a gossip monger, what do you say? Do you know the difference between a gossip and the truth? If you have blabbered about other people’s affairs, does that make you a gossip monger? Even if you were speaking the truth? What’s the diff anyways?

A gossip is what people spread about a certain person that is half truth and half made up, or most of the time just made up. Gossip is just a nasty story a certain person would spread about you for their own amusement. For whatever reasons they have, some people love spreading baseless, pointless, senseless lies about anyone they can think of. Believe it or not, some people actually use gossip just to get what they want. I know of a certain person who would feed you with gossip and before she finishes, she would end up borrowing money of you. The idle ones are the worst gossip mongers, can you blame them, nothing to kill their time with, what else is there to do?

Say, you’re in a gathering and a friend that was not there was suddenly mentioned, asked how she was doing, you answered, does that count as a gossip? Specially if one question led to another and all your answers were accurate? There’s difference see, you were asked, you answered, it’s called updating others of what you know of . Unless of course you have blabbered about personal details that had been said in confidence, that’s a different story. Worst than gossip, you can’t be trusted with confidential things, and that makes you worst than the mongers.

In every group of friends, there is always one or two that are happy indulging themselves with other people’s misery, it’s like other people’s dirty laundry is the most interesting thing in the world. The envious that always have something bad to say about others, even friends. These are the people that would deliberately put malice in every story and would feel good about themselves bad mouthing people behind their backs. Sadly, I have a friend like that and the toughest thing to do is how to stay away from her without fearing that I would be her next object of interest.

If a certain person flaunts her indiscretion, say, posts her affairs on a social network, then friends talked about her, then she gets upset and accuse you of gossiping about her, does that make you a monger? Hello? Captain obvious? She had done it to herself, even the nicest of person has her own opinion and voices it out from time to time, and her being vulgar about all the things she’s doing had just made herself a willing victim for the mongers. If you don’t want anybody to know things about you, don’t post it, don’t tell anyone, keep it to yourself, then you don’t have a problem. The worst people to look out for are the ones that would say “don’t tell anyone I told you this, it’s just between you and me”, and then, to your dismay, she had told the same to everyone you know, and then blames you for spilling the beans on her.

Well, between you me and the fly on the wall, the safest way is just to answer if you want to know things, you go directly to the people involved, that way, you can have your peace of mind and end up being a friend to everyone. Thinking out loud is good, fun, even, but sometimes it is best to shut up and just listen to others making a fool of themselves…….


Children and veggies are seldom friends, if you can get your child to eat healthy, then you must be lucky! My children would whine at the sight of veggies and squeal with glee at the sight of junk foods. And since the doctors do not advice giving children vitamins, feeding them healthy foods has always been a problem. I like experimenting on foods anyways, so I have come up with ways on how to make my kiddies eat  veggies. Might seem deceitful, but I normally hide veggies in my meat and feed it to them. My greatest weapon would be the minced meat. There are so many veggies you can hide in there without them knowing they are actually eating healthy. Lately I have used chicken fillet and breakfast steaks as well. I have a child who hates eating fish so I tried ways to hide my fish in a dish. Here are dishes that my children eat without a fuss…….


Lumpiang Shanghai as we call it, normally consist of minced meat, egg, onions, and wrapped in a wanton wrapper and cooked deep fried. I cannot do anything about frying but I try my best to use cholesterol free oil and strain them to remove excess fats. If you add carrots to it, not only that it would taste better, but you get the fussy ones to eat veggies.


One of my favourites because I can hide all sorts of things in it. I would mix my meat with carrots, leeks, and sometimes mashed potatoes. I do not fry my meatballs, instead I boil them in beef and vegetable stocks and make it into soup, that way I’d be able to put all sorts of healthy concoctions in it.


My children doesn’t like spinach, but I love it. So what I do is make a chicken roll with spinach hidden inside with some cheese to hide the taste. I baked rolls in the oven and serve it with thick gravy and mashed potatoes.


I’ve a kid that hates fish, so when I make pasta, my main ingredient would be tuna. Don’t really know if she notices the difference but she eats it anyways.


Mashed potatoes can hide all sorts of goodies. Meat, cheese, veggies, even fish. I combine mashies and fish, roll it in bread crumbs, then fry it. I sometimes put cheese and ground meat with lima beans in it and they would not know it has beans in it.


Babies are gifts from God, they are our little bundles of joy, but taking care of infants are scary sometimes. Since they can’t tell you what they want or need, you may always have to rely on your instinct to give them the proper care that they need. There are quite a few scary moments with the little ones that even the most veteran mum would still stress about. So before we all run to the doctor in panic, let me share some of the scary moments me and my mum friends had experienced over the last years…


Babies are warm by touch, but unless you use a thermometer, you would know if they are feverish or not. Feeling them with just your hand would just scare you, tis always best to rely on the thermometer to be sure. Newborns may be feverish if they have 37.5 temperature, otherwise tis normal for babies to be warm.


My number one scary moment! They seem to be breathing faster than they’re supposed to, but my doctor had told me firsthand that tis normal for babies to breath like that until three months or so.


Because they can’t tell us what they want, babies cry when they need to be fed, or when they are uncomfortable with their nappies and needed to be changed, colic may have something to do with crying, or sometimes they just cry for no apparent reason at all. For as long as they don’t have a fever and they have cried for half an hour pausing sometimes, they are fine.


I really don’t know what causes colic, but babies are uncomfortable when they have it. You would know it’s colic if they fart consistently. Best way to cure it, in my experience is a medicine called Acete De Manzanilla. But tis always a must to burp them every after meal to prevent colic.


The number one thing you would not wish for other mums to experience, looks as if they had stopped breathing, naturally, you will panic and go to the ER, but tis always essential to keep calm and observe, my doctor said tis normal for babies to be like that for at least 21 seconds, after that you may have to panic. Personally though, I do not wait for 21 seconds, I try everything I can to make them breath by pinching them and keeping them awake by making them cry.

These are just a few things I remember but I’m quite sure there are more. Maybe next time I can think of other things I’d write some more. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, it helps to think out loud sometimes…………